Roadshow wanted a card that would actively engage a young audience to promote the upcoming movie 'Goosebumps'.
We came up with this 'Slappy' card, a character from the film. The paper was engineered in such a way that you could pull the tab on the left and open and closed the mouth of ventriloquist dummy. This was so popular we had parents calling the office to ask where they could pick up more cards!
The Lego Movie:
Another interactive card for children, this Avant Card creation rotates around so you can re-order the bodies of the Lego characters, This card also won Postcard of the Year.
A card designed for young adults and tweens to promote an upcoming film centered around a game of truth or dare gone wrong. For this card we used a heat sensitive coating to cover up a series of 12 dares. To reveal your dare, warm up the card (body warmth would do). Heat sensitive coatings are a fun print technique and are available in hot and cold sensitive states.
Red Dog:
For a feel good christmas film we made a true blue christmas bauble.
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